“Brian Robertson, Paisley, said: ” Brendan Rodgers got in the

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cheap moncler outlet Get Celtic updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeCeltic made it four trophies on the Moncler Outlet spin under Brendan Rodgers in their quest for an unprecedented double treble as the Hoops boss led his side to Betfred Cup glory against Motherwell.But their 2 0 Hampden win their 65th consecutive domestic game without defeat wasn’t without controversy as referee Craig Thomson came under fire.With the Hoops leading thanks to James Forrest’s brilliant opener, the whistler awarded Celtic a penalty and sent off Cedric Kipre when Scott Sinclair went down under the Frenchman’s challenge.There looked to be minimal contact and a few on the Hotline were unhappy with the decision which made the Steelmen’s job even more difficult.Watch as Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers shows a touch of class by handing Betfred Cup medal to Official Moncler Outlet young fanJames Mulgrew, Wishaw, said: “It’s hard enough to moncler jacket outlet beat this Celtic side without them having an extra man.”I don’t care moncler outlets uk what anyone says Scott Sinclair dived and it was a huge moment in the game. There was no way back.”Brian Robertson, Paisley, said: ” Brendan Rodgers got in the mind of the referee moncler jackets on sale with his comments about Motherwell’s physical style after their semi final against Rangers. Craig Thomson fell for it.”Celtic took a while to get going but continue to be moncler jackets cheap relentless and Tony McLaughlin, Tollcross, said: “It’s hard to moncler outlet canada believe what Brendan Rodgers has done since coming to Parkhead.”That is now 65 games unbeaten stop and think about that for a minute. cheap moncler outlet

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